Kandal province: Lieutenant General Chhoeun Sopheak, Deputy Commissioner The Kandal Provincial Commissioner of Police was appointed as the Deputy Commissioner, General Eav Chamroeun, former Commissioner of the Kandal Provincial Police. Deputy Director of the Anti-Alcoholism Department.

The handover ceremony and the appointment of the Chief of Police of the Kandal Provincial Police Commissariat were held at the Provincial Hall. Savoeun, Deputy Commissioner of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Mao Phirun, the Governor of the Board of Governors, and the joint leader of the Armed Forces, Vice President Provincial Departments Departments – Vice-President Branch and the Local Development Tax Branch inspectors were also on the morning of 30 January 2020.

Lieutenant General Nuon July, Deputy Director General of Staff of the National Police Commissariat read the Prakas on: Transfer of Duties and Appointment of Officers The National Registry, signed and signed by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, dated January 23, 2020 And according to the request of the Director General of the Ministry The Deputy Commissioner of National Defense has decided: Article 1: To be delegated and appointed to the National Security Council as named below. : Gen. Eav Chamroeun ID 03641 from the Commissioner of Police of Kandal Province as Deputy Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department. 2. Brigadier General Chhoeun Sopheak No 53849, Deputy Commissioner, Chief of Police of Kandal Provincial Police.

Brigadier General Chhoeun Sopheak, deputy commissioner of the Central Kandal Borough Police Department, who has been taking office, made this commitment to the committee. One of the most precious day for me, as well as the officials of the Central Provincial Police Department, the honor of receiving the honor. Announce transfer of duties and appointments The positions on this opportunity. To show our sincere commitment to the leaders of all levels, make a pledge of allegiance and commitment as a nation. The King respects and adheres to the policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia
Headed by Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen; Use your energy, your mind, your wisdom to serve the interests of the people and not do anything to the benefit of the people. Obey and act in good faith and in fairness with all the rules and regulations of all senior management. Strictly follow the rules of Article 06 of the National Armed Forces. Maintaining internal solidarity and other relevant entities.

Mao Phirun, Governor of Kandal Provincial Council, commented: “Congratulations to General Triang Chhoeun and his Excellency General Chea Chhun. The National Assembly has confidence in the position of the Commissioner of the Central Provincial Police and would like to give his best effort to the leadership. The force joined forces to protect the security of the army Order to people across the province.

General Nath Savoeun, Deputy Commissioner of the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Mr. Eav Chamroeun had been appointed as the successor There are 15 years in which it can be said that there will be good points, and some shortcomings may be made. "For the commitment or commitment of the new commissioner Chhoun Sopheak to be successful and the decision of the new Commissioner, General, please be confident," he said. Win and invite the guest of honor at the gala event. In particular, all provincial police forces should work hard in cooperation with internal partners.
Gen. Neth Savoeun, Director-General of the National Police, said that the leadership of Mao Phirun, the governor of the Central Provincial Council, had brought success to the people. The leaders for many years and the protector of Phnom Penh, the heart of the Kingdom of Cambodia, have had complete peace of mind.