Phnom Penh: Meeting on Office's Monitoring and Evaluation Results14 Border Relations (BLO) in 11 Provinces 2019 February 12, 2020 Ministry of Interior The Secretary of the National Authority for Combating Drugs has called on border provinces to pay more attention to crackdown on every crime. Particular forms Make the border peaceful and developing.

According to the General, the meeting aims to establish mechanisms to control the movement of drugs and chemicals across the border at international border gates and gates. Parties. Establish a working group to facilitate working with border law enforcement agencies. Assigning responsible staff to receive information and respond to information exchange.

“The province returns to the leadership meeting as the head of the working group meeting to form a coalition,” he said. "It is a collective interest and a common interest to curb all forms of crime, not just drug offenses."

Separately, Lieutenant General Heng Chan Dara, deputy director of the Legal Department of the Secretariat of the National Authority for Combating Drugs, said some of the BLOs were in good condition. Peace and also some of the BLOs' offices were very difficult. In particular, BLOs have electricity, Internet access and 3G phone access, and BLOs have the logo of the BLO's Office sponsored. By UNODC.

The Lieutenant General contends that a number of provinces and provincial governors have neglected the BLO's office space and have not funded the BLO's office. He also said that after receiving the decision on revision of duty, duty and duties of BLO office from Deputy Prime Minister, President of National Anti-Doping Authority At the provincial level and all BLO members are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

The Border Communications Office (BLO) has 19 locations in 13 provinces along the border: Cambodia-Thailand, Cambodia-Laos and Cambodia-Vietnam. The BLO is tasked with working with border provinces to provide information to each other in order to curb drug traffic and other crimes. Also, especially the BLO's office for the coordination of drug-free village, commune, commune, and border areas.