The prime minister speculates that protesters in South Korea are in Seoul

Prime Minister Threatens to Demonstrate in South Korea in Seoul

Posted by Dap_News_Website on Monday, February 3, 2020

Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen has said that he thinks there are too many anti-Samdech protestors to sink the entire city of Seoul, but he sees very little.

He said that when he went to the US, France and Belgium, which appeared to be protesting, he said that in fact there were more welcoming people than demonstrators, except Geneva, which did not hold demonstrations.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen stressed that "I'm guessing their big rally is already flooding Seoul! In fact, just like how a farmer went, there were a lot of screaming people behind the wheel and came to protest against Hun Sen. The situation seems to be quite different between supporters and dissidents. We let them do that! Yesterday, there should have been a lot of people, but who are they? ”

During the occasion, the prince also reminded the demonstrations against the prince in New York and Geneva that there were still less than his supporters.

According to Radio Free Asia, about 200 Cambodian workers marched from the rally site at the Jongkok Square in Seoul's Bong Kak district, in front of Seoul City Hall, and stated their intention to demand Kim's release. Peace and Democracy in Cambodia In addition to demands regarding the political crisis in Cambodia, protesters also protested against Under 40 hectares of land to the Vietnamese people in the province as well.

But for the demonstration project, a spokesman for the ruling party, Mr. Sok Isan, called them back to Cambodia, if there was any resentment.

“A small number of Cambodian workers in Korea are afraid of losing Cambodia, if they are afraid of losing Cambodia, should go back to demonstrations in Cambodia,” said Sok Isan through a telecommunications network on the morning of February 3. Few Cambodian Workers in Korea Want to Remove Samdech Techo Hun Sen How to download if it is in Korea. Want to pull should be back in the country to be called a valedictorian. ”