Phnom Penh: Former host Angie disappeared for a while, leaving to live in the United States since 2016 ago. Reaching that advanced land did not leave Angie happy. Angie finally returned to her homeland after a discussion with her husband and some reasons. .

Angie appeared with an attractive beauty with a dress reminiscent of the French era. On the occasion of her announcement to open a new business on the morning of August 10, 2020.

It is praised that she is still beautiful even though she already has two children. Her husband is also handsome, not inferior to the actors. Angie Success Day requires participants to wear traditional French costumes to inspire Cambodians .

Angie, who was so excited that she broke down in tears, said that in the United States, it is recognized that progress is being made. Vilay. But where to struggle. For a few years now, there have been times when she cried, missed home, missed work, cried and wiped away tears, smiled, Live, selling things online, she did not know Do not be silent.

On the other hand, I miss my mother who asked us for even more reason, thinking of doing something when I came back. Angie, who has not given up on art, says that locusts are very difficult in their homeland and that things got worse during the 19-year-old Kovid eruption. America is pushing harder and she wants to come to Cambodia and find a way to come no matter how much money.

Eventually bought four expensive tickets for a plane to get back. At that time, she thought that she had returned to our land and worshiped Khmer land, there is nothing better than our district.