The fort has a fort Interior Minister Sar Kheng said yesterday that from March 22 to Thursday, local authorities had been all over the country The number of people returning from Thailand to their hometowns is over 40,000. According to information on his Facebook page yesterday.

Sar Kheng said at Banteay Meanchey's Poipet International Checkpoint yesterday that more than 9,200 people were from Banteay Meanchey province. More than 7,600 Battambang People Over 1,100 More than 5,000 More than 800 Takeo residents, over 1,800 Oddar Meanchey, and more than 1,300 Tbong Khmum provinces.

This number is not yet included in other provinces with a small population. He said 24 people who had returned from Thailand were being put in separate measures in Sihanoukville. The dramatic return of Cambodians working in Thailand comes after Thailand announced the closure of the border with Cambodia as a measure To prevent the infection of cowworm 19.

The Cambodian embassy in Bangkok yesterday informed Cambodian citizens who are staying and working in Thailand that Thailand has announced the deportation In an emergency, which came into force from March 26 until April 30, it is forbidden Crossing the Cambodian-Thai border.

The Cambodian Ministry of Labor will extend the stay until June 30, according to the embassy. With the exception of overdue fines. The embassy is urging Cambodians to contact the Thai provincial and municipal departments by March 31.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Hun Sen said Cambodia could put the country in a state of emergency if the call to curb the disease, 19 Effective.

Ky Tech, the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers' Council of Legislators, said briefly that the council is studying to put the country in position. This time of emergency.

Chin Malin, spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, said that because the Constitution makes it clear that the King can put the country in an emergency with the approval of The Prime Minister, the President of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate shall immediately issue a royal decree upon request in conjunction with the conditions.

“And the conditions under which the Royal Decree will set out are some of the conditions and principles of that submission,” he said. Article 22 points to the right of the state institution, the executive power, to determine the necessary conditions to place the country at a time Emergencies include the time period in which an emergency may be declared, for example, in one region or the whole of the country for a fixed or indefinite period Improved status can be determined from How the government's authority and obligations of citizens the necessary measures.

As of last night, a total of 11 people in Cambodia infected with the disease had been cured of 19, including 98. Nine Cambodians, one Chinese and one British. Keo Vannak, director of the Tbong Khmum health department, which had two carriers, explained that after the two had left Hospitals and health officials continue to monitor their health, but there is no ban on their family reunions They must be careful not to cross over Other section.

"He is not a patient, just a load and we take care of his health in two ways," he said of the treatment Psychologically, education about hygiene makes him happy, he advises on health, and with medical treatment, we monitor his blood, look for heat and other inquiries Quickly. He said that both examinations were negative every three days.

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