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PHNOM PENH – On Facebook, a new teacher appeared on the e-mail of a self-proclaimed “eraser” You can speak seven languages ​​including Bali, Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Japanese, Korean and Thai (you can speak one language more) Becomes well-known after the Cambodian artist's Facebook page, which featured Im Chi Oliver biographical interviews directly from some of his successor before hand.

In a live video interview, the eraser of a bronze monk named Vat Vuth mentioned that before becoming a successor Bronze Star he was mentally impaired (naked) at 15 and succeeded for 5 years He had a family and he was a construction worker.

Now Vat Vuth, 44, also said that the succession of the bronze mine was extremely difficult when One of the mines was hard to get into when the teacher came out and he said he didn't want to take it. All there is to do is save the creature.

Despite this, many critics on social media still express doubts about the young teacher This image, commonly referred to as "the rapper" by Bali, which the teacher recites Remember yourself? Since the teacher's Pali seems uncertain as mix of rap songs, singing, melodrama, melodrama, balsam, do not know what exactly? Even Chinese, Korean, Khmer, Lao, Thai and Japanese do not understand the teacher!

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Posted by Cambodian artists On Tuesday 28 April 2020