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ITALIAN: Cristiano Ronaldo finally scored a free-kick for Juventus for the first time and saved him. Break a nearly 60-year record in Serie A.

C. Ronaldo scored a free kick in the 61st minute of Juventus' 4-0 victory over Torino 4-1. At its Allianz Stadium, the 30th meeting of Serie A.

This one helped the 35-year-old Portuguese striker to become the first player in almost 60 years. Serie A's 25 goals in a single season since former striker Omar Sivori did the same thing last season. 1960-61.

By far, C.Ronaldo has become the first football player in history to score 25 goals per season. In the top three, the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A.

Juventus' last night's win gives them renewed hope of a Serie A title. This will be their ninth straight day, following a seven-point deficit over Lazio, who lost 3-0 to AC Milan. (Excerpted from: BBC)

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