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The Football League of France (LFP) on Saturday set August 23, 2020 as the provisional date for the start of the league. French Ligue 1 season 2020-21

LFP on Saturday announced that after going through talks with the television group, they have set an interim date for Starting the new season on August 22, 2020 for Ligue 2 and August 23, 2020 for Ligue 1.

They are currently awaiting the outcome of the June 17 meeting of the European Football Federation (UEFA) on the new date of Compete in this season's Champions League and Europa League games, which were suspended due to the Kovud-19 virus before the LFP confirmed the proposal Starts its new season.

Ligue 1 is the first European football league that has decided to cancel the 2019-20 season due to an expansion. The spread of the HIV-19 virus. Paris Saint-Germain have been named the champions of the season announced on 30 April. ៕ (Taken from sport24)