Ophelie BOURHIS, newly appointed Director of the French Agency for Development (AFD) in Cambodia, is committed to supporting both technical and financial support for the development of Cambodia's agricultural sector.

In a meeting with Veng Sakhorn, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on February 14, 2020, Ophelie BOURHIS stated, “The AFD is committed to supporting both technical and financial support for the development of Cambodian agriculture. On the planning and policy of agricultural development related to the value chain In addition to rice production, vegetable rubber modified soil quality and the family. "

She emphasized that the Ministry of Agriculture has always cooperated closely with her team, which has convinced AFD to continue to support and plan new agricultural development projects focused on rainfall crops.

Regarding the project, Veng Sakhon emphasized that agriculture plays an important role in ensuring food security, boosting economic growth through exports, promoting domestic production, creating jobs, increasing income and reducing poverty in the country.

He added that in the context of economic growth, the 4th industrial revolution, digitalization and labor shortage in the agricultural sector, the ministry is implementing policies to develop the sector, with a focus on boosting agricultural modernization and agriculture through the production value chain by. Starting from A to Z to add value to expanded agricultural products and Strengthen processing, packaging, warehousing, warehousing, refrigeration and transportation with technical expertise and quality assurance, safety, sanitation and hygiene. These include raw materials such as cassava, rice, mango and cashews. By: Tylott