Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Four Cambodian Blue Helmets on UN Peacekeeping Mission in Cambodia, Ministry of National Defense says Mali has contracted the disease 19. The new case has increased the number of Cambodian Blue Helmets to 10 already infected.

Kosal Malida, deputy director-general of the National Center for the Control of Peace and Mine Clearance, told the Post yesterday that Cambodia had been informed. About 4 Blue Helmets Infected With Ivory 19 – The Day Of The Blue Helmet Due to the disease in Mali on May 30.

So far, only 10 Blue Helmets have been infected with the disease, and all are in the country, she said. Mali, one of the dead, has recovered two and seven are recovering, but he remains in good health.

“All seven of them are now in good physical condition. "But they are undergoing a procedure and under the care of the UN doctors who are standing there."

The 10 Blue Helmets infected with the Kod 19 were an indispensable force in the mission, the official said. The long-haul United Nations travel agency is required to stay on the road and stay at UN offices while it is available Outbreaks of Kovirus 19 in Africa.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday announced that among UN peacekeeping forces More than 130 people have contracted the coronavirus 19, two of them dead and one from Cambodia, the first to die from the disease. 19

Antonio says the UN currently has more than 950,000 men and women working in peacekeeping missions 13 missions worldwide.

Currently, Cambodia has more than 780 Blue Helmets, which is divided into five divisions. Among them, 76 women are doing peacekeeping missions under the UN umbrella in six countries, including Lebanon, Sudan, South Sudan Mali, Republic of Central Africa and Yemen.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) figures on June 2, Africa reported 19 cases of the disease About 150,000 cases. Of these, more than 63,000 were recovered and about 4,200 died.

On June 2, the Ministry of Health's Department of Communicable Diseases reported no new cases of polio 19 were found. The latest case on May 22 that brought the total number of cases to 125, including 123 and two. People are being hospitalized.

The Cambodian Ministry of National Defense on June 2 also received 12 Tuberculosis Disease Supplies and The fourth round of assistance was provided by China's Ministry of National Defense.