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As a new business with big ideas but not enough resources and a proper office, most are not fully present when in business Just got started. As a result, many businesses started in the bedrooms, car parks and even the basement of the businessman. The following are the big businesses that went through this situation:

1. Amazon
In 1994, Jeff Bezos, now the richest man in the world, decided to step down. Jobs will start Amazon.com in his garage to sell books online. Amazon is currently valued at about $ 1.2 billion, and Bees has a combined net worth of $ 140 billion.

2. Facebook
Mark Zuckerbeg created the world's largest social media platform from his dorm room. He is a student at Havard University. Facebook is currently worth about $ 500 billion and has 45,000 full-time employees.

3. Microsoft
Bill Gates and his co-founders have partnered with the Altair 8800 computer software in his garage. Before moving to the Sundwoner Motor Hotel, it was located in front of the computer company. Microsoft is currently worth about $ 1.3 billion and has a total of 148,465 employees.

4. Apple
In 1976, Steve Jobs's parking lot played a key role in turning Apple into an electronics maker. Big titan as it is today. Jobs once said he always took the product to the room and worked it out before selling it, but he said Never made any product models there. To date, Apple is worth about $ 1.2 billion and employs about 137,000 people.