Oddor Meanchey / Preah Vihear: Monk Forestry Community in Oddar Meanchey Province spotted 2 male and female male scorpions, one scorpion and one fragrant A man who was shot dead in a forest by a Buddhist monk was allegedly shot dead while two giraffes were found in the forest. The cleft Wildlife Sanctuary is within Terminals, Preah Vihear Province.

Venerable Bun Saloth, president of the Protected Forest Monk's Community, said yesterday that he had led nearly 10 community patrols in the area. The Forestry Monk on March 2 saw four dead animals.

Of these, 2 females weigh between 150 and 170 kilograms, one scorpion weighing more than 10. One kilogram and one scorpion weigh nearly three kilograms.

He said that the team had reached the border area of ​​Bak Nim village in Kon Kbal commune, Samrong town, Oddar Meanchey province. A white wolf dies by a hunter.

His team then proceeded to the border of Thmey Thmey village, Long commune, Anlong Veng district, Oddar Meanchey province, and found a male animal. Another head was also killed by a hunter. It is estimated that the animals were killed about two weeks ago.

He said: “The offense in the Protected Forest Preserve today is not deforestation but only the shooting The jungle, with the suspects using improvised rifles to shoot prey, traps and shock. These tools are endangered by the wildlife in our area. I call for the protection of biodiversity, we should love his life, our life, anyone who wants to live, who wants family Also.

Phuong Lina, director of the Oddar Meanchey Provincial Department of Environment, said yesterday that the area was protected by specialists in cooperation with the Buddhist monk community. Strictly protected, but perpetrators break into the forest at night, making it difficult for these defenders.

He added that the Department of Environment today had set up three guard posts along the main corridors of the forest. With mobile officers on duty during the day and guard at night, the perpetrators still lurk. The animals of the forest can no more.

“We are working with all the community members who are active in protecting the forest and wildlife, and the provincial environment officials have provided some funding. To the forest protection community, the monk forest is also $ 20,000 per year to support forest patrol activities. We will continue to work to keep the forest and wildlife alive. ”

In a similar case, a tour guide and Wildlife Conservation Society of Cambodia (WCS) spotted two snails while Foreigners visited the cleft Wildlife Sanctuary in Preah Vihear province.

Ken Seas Ratha, president of the Cambodian Wildlife Conservation Association (WCS), said yesterday that Sam Veasna Center's tour guide Sean Maddy A group of foreign tourists visiting the cleft of the cleft in the Preah Vihear province found two quail. Looking for food near the road Get inside the clearing Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ken Serey Ratha said that crickets are a vulnerable species in the IUCN Red List, and that cleft is a key sanctuary. They are. After the two were spotted, WCS and environmental officials teamed up for immediate action to monitor live and shifting activities. The location of the ants is easy to protect.

“The hippies, we never saw in this sanctuary of wildlife. (After the tour guide found it) We also assigned a specialist to monitor regularly because we were worried. About the perpetrator's harassment. ”