Svay Rieng Province: To ensure food safety for the peopleThe CamControl Branch Officer of Svay Rieng Branch in the morning of March 4, 2020 in collaboration with Provincial Department of Commerce and local authorities inspected the goods. Food products and packaged goods in Chipphu market, Bavet town, Svay Rieng province find 1 kilogram of Borax in a shotgun and 8 kilos Gram quality deterioration Twenty-four potato chips are overdue.

Mr. Pung Nil, Head of Camcontrol Branch in Svay Rieng province, said that the inspection activities of the trainees examined food items at some stalls in the market. And, using the first Test Kits on 26 food samples, the focus is on food products to detect harmful chemicals. All right The citizens of the state.

He said that as a result, after the execution of the official, the officials had discovered the substance of the chemical substance Kimhim Khat in a kilo of Dukes. Borax and 8kg good quality pasta and French fries and 4 French fries are out of date and the official has set them up. The tables are taken away and stored to burn Etc later.

On that occasion, Mr. Pheng Nil also called on all citizens to pay attention to the food consumption. Check the date clearly before purchasing the item. In particular, young foods should be looked at properly before eating in order to contribute to the well-being of each other. Camcontrol will continue to inspect the markets in Svay Rieng province as well. : Waiko