Pursat, says Tan Channa, former head of Wat Vealavon Trach Pagoda Damnak Trach village, Leak commune, Bakan district, Pursat province, appeared to light up the resignation and accused him of running away because of a fire. She knew the stolen property of the pagoda as well as a car.

This morning, February 23, 2020, local media reported that it was Tan Channa, a former monk of Wat Woolon. There is no truth to what happened in the course of his suicide.

Tan Channa, former monk of the monastery, addresses the four charges related to a car, money taken at the pagoda, and the chase. Female, and the passing of the seminar was heard by a group of monks as well as authorities and monks.

The former mayor suggested
The first one involved a Highlander truck that I brought with me now, not the property of the pagoda. The money that bought the car was the money of Nhek and his beloved Buddhists.

Secondly, regarding the monastery budget On the commission, the monastery was the holder.

Third, he is accused of running after the woman. It is also false. He now lives at home and is looking for a job. For life.

4- The reason I decided to fight this is due to another serious physical condition in the pagoda. The tyranny of nepotism affected my honor so badly that I decided to fight. In this fight, I had a monk in a monastery who witnessed me, and I told the local authority and the priestly leaders. I also did not leave the pagoda and did not take the pagoda property as charged. But there are some groups that challenge me She is a priest so far so ask the authorities for all levels of understanding, especially those in social networks. A complete distortion.

It should be confirmed that the head of Wat Veavor Pagoda, Damnak Trach village, Leak commune, Bakan district, Pursat province, stole it and fled the pagoda. Also bring some pagoda property.
February 22, 2020, according to monks, pagodas, monk and local authority officials. 30-year-old former Wat Vealat Temple chief Tan Tanna (in Facebook account Kea Tanna) Ploy broke up with a monk in a pagoda on February 19 May 2020 and brings with it a Toyota Highlander and many Suffixes.
In this case, neither the priest nor the catechism were recognized or acknowledged.
Hanna Sophath, who lives in the dormitory and monastery with the former monk, said that the former abbot was actually shot. Abandon the pagoda.
The former emperor had a feud with several Buddhists in the last phase, apparently during his recent sacrifice. And the Archbishop and other committees have recorded revenue, expenses, during festivals and on construction.
Chief of Ouk Muon expresses frustration and outraged at the secret and abandoned Wat Channa's former monastery Wat Damnak Trach.
The chief of the commune said that forcible self-immolations were not in accordance with Buddhist law and discipline; Buddhist monks, cults, and Buddhists are recognized.
According to the commune chief, when the former master of the monastery passed away, the bills were paid to the pagoda committee. : 1- owed more than $ 19,504, over $ 1,700, and for the construction equipment 38 million riels.
Now, the pagoda, the local authority, is reviewing and preparing a criminal complaint against the former monk to take charge of the pagoda and Bring along the pagoda property.
It is known that the former abbot of the pagoda abandoned the pagoda and lived in his hometown near Kampong Svay Primary and Secondary School. / Sangkat Kampong Svay, Serey Sophorn City, Banteay Meanchey Province. By: Kolab