Foreigners in Vietnam must pay for their own treatment if they are positive for KV 19, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said at a cabinet meeting on Friday. However, they will not have to pay for quarantine and virus testing.

According to VN Express published on March 14, 2020, Vietnamese people receive free treatment for the infection.

People in crowded places (over 100) must wear masks to prevent possible infections, and industry must provide adequate protection. The Prime Minister noted that airports and border crossings must have adequate barriers for people wishing to enter Vietnam.

He said the necessary goods should be provided to the people at an affordable price and shops would remain open until 11pm to provide them.

"Vietnam has the capacity, resources, experience and willingness to defend Covid-19," he added. For the health of the people, we are willing to forfeit the economic benefits in the short term. ” Update: October