(Phnom Penh) July 22, 2020: Not only washing machines are the same and can just wash clothes! Today, Samsung would like to introduce the latest Add-Wash washing machine, model WW90K54E0UW / ST, which is equipped with many new features, modern, rich and most importantly to ensure the comfort of your loved ones and family members!

Samsung will now introduce some of the features of the WW90K54E0UW / ST Add-Wash Washer, giving you more confidence and convenience, such as:

* Steam Cycles

This is a hot steam function that can kill germs, bacteria, allergens 99.90%, this function is best for:

Baby Care Baby clothes

This function is very smart to wash and take care of your beloved children's clothes clean, disinfected and does not damage the fabric and does not cause allergies to your baby's skin!

• Bedding

This function has the ability to wash bedroom items such as: bedding, pillows to be clean, safe to use, etc.

Easy… To use all these functions, you just need to follow the instructions below!

* How to use:

1. Press the power button.

2. Choose which cheat function you need

(Additional functions can be selected as desired, such as: hot water temperature, the number of times to clean the water, the power button, the button to set the washing time, the button to add the function before soaking, etc.)

3. Click the Start button to run it!

That you go thinking about health, comfort and convenience, but Samsung technology thinks hundreds of times more than you!

For more details, please visit our nearest Samsung Product Distribution Store nationwide or contact our customer service at: 1800-20 32 32!

Note: For every purchase of Samsung Add-Wash washing machine model ww90K54E0UW / ST at all Samsung product distribution depots, don't forget to ask for a warranty card!