PHNOM PENH, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) – The Ministry of Labor today announced the completion of a job fair Prime Minister Hun Sen speaks of COVID-19 (the official name of the new coronavirus), Plagues, and shakes the situation in the region and the world, to the uttermost, to lose its moral, humane, and friendly qualities. Each.

Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen insisted that the real disease we are facing now is a disease of fear and prejudice. To abandon their own people. In fact, as is the case with MS Westerdam, with over 2200 multinational travelers being denied entry by six countries and six islands The dock is also home to more than 600 US citizens who have asked to dock on Guam, part of the United States. Parking is also not allowed. How have those countries and islands been able to achieve this? Where would the world be, and where would the value of human life be?

Cambodia's decision to get MS Westerdam to dock in Sihanoukville in Cambodia is a humanitarian gesture without Indigenous discrimination to promote respect for human rights: Providing for the rights of survivors All of them. The correct decision of Cambodia is that most people all over the world support the Cambodian Human Body, and they also support the Cambodian people. Support from the World Health Organization, World Tourism ism Organization Also from The World's Most Beautiful Bay, as well as from US President Donald Trump. At this time, a total of 500 tourists, after being screened to find that there were no positive signs of Kovirus 9 (corona), were found. Providing temporary accommodation at Sokha Hotel in Phnom Penh. It is clear that if the country does not care about their country, Cambodia will be responsible, because now we have come to our country.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen made it clear at the invitation of all the tourists in Sihanoukville that if any tourists were infected or The Kovud-19 virus is the first Cambodian prime minister to enter Cambodia and bring it to a safe place to provide care and treatment. In a timely manner, this can be done To prevent the spread of the virus to others, as happened in the recent Diamond Princess. Just arrived from the ship as more and more 19 people were infected with the virus. 356 people.

If Cambodia does not get it to dock, so far no idea where it will go, because the food is gone and the oil is close. Anything else. Will the end of their lives be cremated or thrown into the sea? If everyone refuses to get them parked? But Cambodia cannot close its eyes to the deaths of the people, because Cambodia has also been looked at and recruited in the past, and Cambodia clearly understands It is very emotional for all these tourists. We all talk about human rights, but now the recruitment of the monk is huge, clearly showing that Alzheimer's disease and excessive fear. The table is leading to the destruction of human rights.

According to the project, which is supposed to help all tourists, it is after the first batch of temporary residents in Phnom Penh left. Cambodia will continue to transport those waiting in Sihanoukville cruise ships to Phnom Penh. Yes. Passengers will be subjected to a thorough medical examination before being allowed to stay at the hotel. Despite the long hours, Cambodia offers the opportunity for the cruise to continue in Cambodia, free of fees and fees. In the Cambodian sea.

Cambodia is responsible for carrying out its most thorough and thorough work and continues to work with partner organizations and the international community to unite Let's tackle this global challenge. At the same time, to eliminate the disease of fear and extremism, to promote moral values, virtues, and the right to life and well-being. People all over the world.

In any country, not even China, if Samdech Techo Hun Sen will attend Not drunk with alcohol