Kandal: The Kandal Provincial Administration has issued a notification on the cruise ship Five vehicles allowed by Vietnam to leave 200 passengers and crew were allowed to leave Samphos links to Phnom Penh International port after officials confirmed that those on board these vessels did not have the COVID virus -19.

Kandal Provincial Administration has issued a notification on five cruise ships that Vietnam will not be allowed to dock at this time, traveling to international ports. Phnom Penh, departing from the port of Samphor on March 17, 2020.

On March 17, 2020, there were five Cambodian nationals on board who were not allowed to dock. Upon receiving the government's policy of return, the provincial government, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, was allowed to return to Cambodian territory. Through the International Gate of Cups And the authorities, departments, specialists and doctors from all walks of life reach the checkpoint at the check point to coordinate and monitor the health situation. Passengers in those ships. The ship accommodated a total of 200 tourists and crew, with 77 tourists and 123 crew. After a thorough examination by the medical doctor, the commonwealth saw that all of the crew was in good health and had The HIV-positive 19 had been allowed to travel from the International Border Gate to the port of Phnom Penh. By: Wisdom