Phnom Penh: Khuong Sreng has urged officials to contact local authorities Clearly state public land and people-owned land, while five drainage canals were built by residents. Breach on canal with filling of canal as well.

Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Khuong Sreng said drainage canals are very useful for the general population Rural Canal Farms This canal provides water to the people who irrigate the fields, but only for Phnom Penh residents. Drainage is also very important as it can effectively drain the floodwaters of the residents of the city.

Such a statement was made in the morning of July 8, 2020, as he led a delegation of local officials to visit See sewage pumping station and five drainage canals located in Steung Meanchey 3 commune, Meanchey district.

He also pointed out that in the position of Phnom Penh Municipal Administration, we will form a working group with the participation of the Cadastral Offices. And transporting Phnom Penh for spraying, clearly locating, and instructing people who violate the canal to move out.
According to local authorities, the five-lane canal was 50 meters wide, leaving both sides open and being abused by villagers. More than 100 families including 35 families in Russey Village 3, Steung Meanchey 3, 76 families. They have all built abusive homes on the canal.By: Kolab