Phnom Penh: Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital said this morning 25 April 2020 The hospital allows all five Covid-19 patients to be discharged from the hospital.

Good news, Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital would like to inform the people that the morning of April 25, 2020, the hospital All 5 Covid-19 patients were admitted after being discharged from the hospital: one Cambodian, one Malaysian, one Vietnamese, one ethnic Two Chinese with the test 2 Therefore, positive citizens, such as information Covid-19 patients stay in hospital longer.

On behalf of the leaders of Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the leading medical teams. And their dedicated colleagues in the examination and treatment of Covid-19 patients recovering from this devastating disease. We urge our citizens to be very careful in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

By 7:00 am on April 25, 2020, no new cases of COVID-19 had been identified. In our country, there are 122 confirmed cases of jaundice with 7 new cases, with a total of 117 deaths. None and five patients were hospitalized. Even if no new cases are found, be careful about keeping your house clean and away if not needed. Because our neighbors and the rest of the world are still suffering from a very severe 19 pandemic.
Please note that our country has found the first case of HIV / AIDS on January 27, 2020.
We had a total of 11391 tests, equivalent to 711 per million. By: Kolab