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Pailin truck carrying a fish back down over the sloping roof of the house The front end of the car hit another buttress, and the Cena was parked inside, causing the rear window to break.

The incident of a back-up truck carrying an overdose hit the house and caused the damage of a car. 7:30 am on May 27, 2020 at the foot of the road leading to Samaki Market called Pahi in the village of Pahe Cheng Sangkat Pailin, Pailin City. The source said the man who drove the car backwards dropped the improper number of French men over 40. Vendors selling fish on a white Hyundai vehicle bearing the Pail 3A-3839 badge suffered minor rear damage.

The victim was identified as 43-year-old Touch with a white Cena wearing a Phnom Penh 2 AM99994 badge. Damaged rearview mirror. According to the source, the owner of the truck was carrying the fish to sell at the market when it was finished. Also drive the car up to the parking lot. However, because of the obstruction of the driveway, the driver was ready to park when the car was sloped back down the ramp, then turned off the engine and put The brake pedal did not cause the crash to hit the homes of the victims.

Before the crash, the homeowner was sitting inside, barely escaping, and luckily there were no injuries No, just the tip of the hair. After the incident, the Pailin Inspector went down to inspect the owner of the fish truck driving his car off the scene. To repair and repair the damage to the houses and cars of the above people to finish the case. (Edited by: Bopha)

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