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Fiorentina Football Club has confirmed that a positive test for the HIV-positive virus has been reported in six people. People.

The Serie A club announced that three players and three technical staff members had tested positive after From the medical examination on Wednesday. The club have confirmed that the six, who asked not to be identified, will be placed on quarantine for further monitoring Get treatment.

This is the second time for Fiorentina, who had a C-18 following a March virus attack in March. Cutrone, Germán Pezzella and Dusan Vlahovic were confirmed to have contracted the virus, but the three recovered in April.

Serie A clubs to return to training camp after testing for HIV virus D-19 on players, coaches and staff, but training must be conditional, divided into stages (individual and Smaller groups before the big group training ).

The 20 Serie A clubs have recently voted unanimously to continue the competition. The 2019-2020 has been suspended since March, but no date has been set, with senior officials present. Discuss the issue. (Taken from Goal.com)