Police detained a woman in connection with a device saleTake the Covid-19 Poetry Test online. The woman, Wooch Kheang, used a facebook page called Rama Brand Shop to sell the Covid-19 wrist test kits and described them as simply helping to promote the ad. Monica Sok is based in the United States, but if someone orders her, she will chat to get the luggage. Resell.

Obtained by Mr. Chea Pisey, Chairman of the District Unity Committees and Governor of Russey Keo Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 18:00 The Russei Keo District Unified Commission was chaired by Mrs. Suos Solida, Deputy Governor, with the coordination of Deputy Municipal Prosecutor Sith Vannak. Phnom Penh with neck The meeting was attended by Mr. Sou Sarath, Deputy Director of the District Administration, Mr. Heang Tharat, Deputy Inspector of Police, Khan Deputy Inspector, District Police Officer, Sangkat and District Authorities # 6 landed at a place related to the launch of the Covid-19 screwdrivers at rental spot 5 Group 6, Boeung Chhouk Village, Kilometer 6, Khan Phnom Penh's Russey Keo Van Kien Giang Ward 26-year-old female occupations luggage via online hosting rents. The name "Wojuqiang" uses the facebook page Rama Brand Shop to sell the Covid-19 wristbands test without the permission of the Ministry of Health.

As a result, the district unity committee found that the name of Vuoch Kheang described that it was simply helping to launch advertising to sell the equipment, the Russei Keo district governor said. Above is the name of Monita Sok who is living in the United States but if a buyer prefers to chat to Facebook Monita Sok for free Vans for resale . But, apparently, the name of Vuochek Keng has not yet received the device.

Currently, the district police inspector has brought the online seller to the Inspectorate for further inquiries and to file a formal case.

It should be highlighted that Gen. Neth Savoeun, the Commissar General of the National Police, has ordered police from the provincial and provincial police forces to search and search. Arrested and any pharmacies selling Covid-19 test kits.

The order was issued following a directive from Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia Spread the Covid-19 virus in the afternoon of March 29, 2020.

Major General Neth Savoeun said that specialty departments, in collaboration with 25 provincial and municipal commissioners, carry out emergency work anywhere available. The Codder 19 test tool seeks to detain and remove emergency equipment and report on it. Immediately cooperate with the prosecutor and cooperate with relevant forces in the province.

HE Dr. O Vandin, Spokesman and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, told reporters on Television Network on Sunday. The use of the rapid test on an individual basis by the Ministry of Health is yet to be approved, with no confirmation Yet from the organization To allow use of the rapid test.

"They are accelerating the validation process, hoping to get a clearance in the near future," she said. Of course, if available, it would be great, but we must be very careful in copying to the community for the uncertainty of This test, ”he said.

She mentioned that each country has tried a lot of such tests and is on all tests.

We have considered this problem before these tests appear, but in order to prevent further deterioration we often discuss with World Health Organization. If a person with the HIV-19 virus has been tested for this virus, it is unlikely that the person with the HIV-19 virus has been infected. The virus will spread to communities that are hard to control. Thanks to all the suggestions on this issue, I also want to inform that the Ministry of Health will pay close attention to measures and means to Prevent the spread of the CAVV 19 virus, including this rapid test procedure, and we hope to have guidance. What kind of tests will soon be used But not for broadcast vendors such anarchy, without authority from the Ministry of Health. By: Kolab