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Phnom Penh: Most people have only claimed exposure in all sectors in this field since the outbreak of Kov-19, but The extent of the damage was not known. Just in sports alone, there is no federal impact.

According to federal officials, almost all of the players confirmed that the players preparing to go abroad for training had been canceled That leaves the players missing out on opportunities to build up their skills with overseas experts and the opportunity to seek the experience they need. Got it. Domestic training has also been postponed, replacing players and coaches at home.

Such training does not improve the players' skills, but rather individualize them Becoming a player who has lost the ability to train at home, even without a coach, can not Team training and well timed formulas . Turning to the planned games is arguably a universal cancellation. Both overseas and domestic tournaments have been agreed upon, canceled and canceled, which Cambodian players expect Get ready to join.

The names of the players who played in the competition were disappointed, as everyone thought they would be making a splash on international or domestic tournaments But instead of sleeping in the house. Some players who think they will win a prize from competition or win an international medal to get the prize from Leaders also become useless. Salary players, such as professional football, are also being asked to cut salaries while some staff members are Dismissed to not cost in the Kov-19 stage.

The football game was canceled, which led to the decision to cut the sponsorships and some companies decided Withdraw. Some players claim to have made a living from boxing, such as boxing and bragging Coaching a student at home or at club is also lost. Although some boxing clubs have decided to reopen their doors, they are unlikely to be able to provide it The former boxer has not competed since the ring was reduced and the match has only been between National players and low-paid national players.

What's more, while all players and federations are losing almost 100% of their revenue due to the suspension As such, there is still a risk of the cost of water, alcohol and mass distribution to the players or the Federal Reserve. Home remedies to prevent the spread of Kovirus-19. Some have been forced to cut costs to buy more expensive liquids, alcohol and masks during the period.

Despite Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports continuing to pay salaries and food bills Unknowingly after the Kov-19 level, players still lose confidence in themselves.

Most players claim that it will take at least three months to be able to train consistently, despite the situation The quieter, the longer, the longer. Some players have been seen turning to the internet and some to stay in the country to prevent the situation, further exacerbating the problem. They have shied away from focusing on their sports careers.

There are concerns that some players, especially in boxing, may be giving up a lot of career time at the end of the draft -19 Because of being away from sports and deteriorating ability. This will also affect the Cambodian nursery or resources announced for the SEA Games in 2023. Also close. However, boxing in Cambodia still has little impact compared to the countries most affected by KO V-19 ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)