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Phnom Penh: Finally, Thun Chantak from the Ministry of Defense boxing team achieved their dream in 2020 Becomes Cambodian Champion Champion After Defeating Thai Rithyai Ayat. Score by the final point in the meeting At the CNN television on 1 February.

Thorn Sopheap's student says that the title of the "Cambodia Arena" is Dream has long been a dream, especially after he won the first place in the first round . That's why in the weeks ahead, he has been trying hard to train with Thun Sophea to improve his technical skills. To the utmost.

Not only that, they also try to find the opponent's shortcomings, how to overcome them. The Thai player was in the habit of the first and second rounds not immediately launched No, that's why they took advantage of the attack. For the game, Thun Chan Tak was the only winner in the first three rounds but the last two were almost impossible to defend. It was time and again with Rithyiyara's sharp kick. Rithy Ayyara himself did not believe he would miss the opportunity to become a champion.

Thorn Chan Tak's 3-1 2-win win was told by match organizers The fans were cheering as well. Champion Chant Chantha won the silver medal with 24 million riel, while the reigning champion Rithya Yaya. Rithy Chhay received an award along with 12 million Riels.

In the international friendly, Puth Sambo, from the Puthi Vong Pheak Sen Buddhist club, beat Thai Takhkop Wai A Thai star by the score and Lao Chakri from the 911 Special Parachute Club beat Thai Mangkorn. Handicap by the same score (Edited by: Bopha)