Although no local news has been published regarding the case, it has been revealed on social media. He said he was a housewife who had been collecting phone calls almost all over the country. And it has recently been learned that the Kandal Provincial Gendarmerie has been detained.

After all, by sharing a lot of pictures on social media, we can all see that this thief's everyday life is real. Highly chic, wearing big necklaces, diamond rings, luxury cars, and almost every series of restaurants. And hang out with all the girlfriends abroad.

According to a Facebook account Pa Kon Tok posted, "Money is blood, sweat is fun." Very few people have broken up in 24 provinces, thieves in one million dollars, how long is jail time? Each one goes on to make it clear that it is a throwaway 'roof', a house, a phone shop. Article: Lim Hong