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PHNOM PENH – A renowned singer and MC in Cambodia and a major player in the production of Mr. Kanha Pich Astonished After He Disclaimed The Real Estate Of His US Dollar Property As it is today.

The singer has been identified by many as a wealthy actor playing in a villa. Sk មានodowska has a luxury brand that it regularly uses and has a lot of land which is why People wonder what the singer has in store for his wealth?

While the public was impressed with the beauty and the rich man, no one knew that he was looking for. The Revenue By The Way Eased So Much And Now The Celebrity Boy And The Boyfriend Looks Mr. Pich seems to be a new business and he is busy working as a salesman Real estate.

"Yes, without," said Mr Diamond, whose flesh is like a woman's, posted on Facebook. Well, I have no home, my experience. You have the ability to redeem, try to redeem the interest, because the interest is less than the profit when we sell it. ” .

Of course, you can always post real estate on your Facebook. That's because he profited from the real estate business so he could buy a house, land and a luxury car. Ride like this.

Also, he has been missing art for almost two years and has not had a new song He was in Production Town because he took time to look after his father, who suffered from high blood pressure and stroke. Heading.

How do you find out if I encourage you to pay with a home as well as a property? Anything else?