A beautiful woman with Facebook posts Nita Chheng came forward to apologize publicly And will make a contract in front of the cops at 14:00 pm on March 26, 2020 after she posted a message on Facebook Committing insult to the life of a traffic police officer in connection with her driving offense Use inappropriate language against law enforcement.

Earlier (March 26, 2020), according to the Facebook page of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police, it was posted: At 14:00 pm, Thursday, March 26, 2020, Preap Maika, 25, sells her products online. Click on the traffic signs and the new words Easy to access traffic officers on its Facebook account Nita Chheng on March 24, 2020 To confess the wrongs he has committed, as well as to making a contract and to publicly apologize to the authorities and the general public. »

After acknowledging his efforts to sell the product online, ask all the authorities and people to understand her Also. At the same time, she also appealed to all citizens to abide by the law to protect themselves and others, especially people. Using inappropriate language, verbally abusing her. By: Hong Hong