PHNOM PENH: The National Anti-Dumping Product CommitteePosing a significant risk to health and social safety with the Cambodian Association of Investors (Cambodian Pharmacists Association) Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation to Combat Imports Products and distribution of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and accessories Of permitting, infringement, intellectual property, and infringement of the right to import The murders in the Kingdom of Cambodia this morning Ministry of Interior.

In that occasion, Dr. Ley Sopheap, President of the Cambodian Association of Investors, mentioned that it was true that the Memorandum of Understanding The Agreement Between the Counterfeit Fraud Committee and the Cambodian Investor Association is not only beneficial to consumers Not only business but also protection for business people Invest in honest and professional businesses that have legitimate jobs and occupations Willing to do business with accuracy to contribute to economic development And really, it's a security issue for our people.

Cambodia Pharmacists Association, which is an investor, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, businessman, youth craftsman, cosmetologist, nutritionist, marketer, medical device network, pharmacist, drug dealer, social network seller, local business owner, general manager, pharmacy Matbaby Mall, Online Social Network, Traditional Medicine Building, Nursing Room, Consulting Room And the general medical clinic of importers and distributors is strongly optimistic over the serious leadership of the Commander-in-Chief, and will make the contents of the memorandum into planning and action in the fight against counterfeit products. Get high efficiency. He added that the association was ready to cooperate closely with the anti-counterfeiting committee in implementing the program. In light of this memorandum.

Major General Mech Sophanna, chairman of the Anti-Counterfeit Productivity Committee, urged businessmen to follow suit. Lynne, as well as home-based distribution businesses, conduct a thorough product review. We sell.

Mia Sophanna, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Anti-Counterfeit Product Committee To all registered online business persons, the Ministry of Interior has to check Thoroughly, every product is sold and distributed to the market Country. The point is to prevent the importation of counterfeit and defective products Which jeopardizes the health of users. He added that under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, Cambodia became a country It is actively integrating in all regional and international affairs and also in the country. Is among the developing countries that have achieved remarkable progress. Samdech Techo also paid special attention to the serious impact on the health, welfare, public health and everyday life of the people. The State by Samdech laid out measures to educate, prevent, crack down on crime and eliminate negative social issues such as fighting. Against antifreeze products Mixing the original and fake medicines.

In the past, the committee has also conducted, cracked down and destroyed many illegal products and many hundreds of thousands of cases. Includes the production of medicines, cosmetics, consumer products and illicit drugs, and numerous detrimental and detained suspects. He went to court to be sentenced Many others.

Please note that the Association of Investors of Cambodia has a membership of over 5000 companies in the sector. By: Medical, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Commercial Economics ៕ By: Columbus