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While growing, federal officials say that the sector has little training for young women. Contrary to the number of concurrent youths, Karateo also needs young women to be more involved in preparation for the SEA Games 2023.

As to why the Kingdom of Cambodia is growing but not so young, it has been confirmed by major clubs It is only because of the fact that in Cambodia young women are not always trained in martial arts, so young women are more likely to train Just for a moment, he quit.

All clubs recognize that the number of apprentices is increasing
Decreases, but most of them are children, boys and girls, and adults are more likely to be young. . These young people often decide to give up karate training after a bachelor's degree and can only quit once their children are finished. Students go to college and get out of work. The same coaches claim that karate is popular with only under-10s entering the class Eleventh and final exams, no matter how much you love them, often give up.

For adult women, however, the percentage is the lowest in most clubs Each time, when a friend resigns, the shadow disappears. However, most coaches feel that so far it has been better for the young karate coach present Years ago, women only heard martial arts because of family and social pressures.

However, it was agreed that after Aun Porn Moniroth, Minister of Economy and Finance, had been selected to chair Khemarak. Karate-Do Federation replaces Sayano in 2016 at the inaugural Karate Sooto Sports Friendly Competition Wheels at the National Stadium under his presidency Doctor Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, noted that the sport develops. In the women's category, however, the club's statistics are low, but there are some good players who have been chosen by the federation as a resource. Also representative of the country.

The sport also appeared at last year's SEA Games with a higher level of confidence. That is, after the Minister of Economy and Finance unveiled four projects to develop the sport:

First, the new President of the Federation has organized a more efficient leadership style
Second, plan to build Karate-Do sports center
Thirdly, to prepare for the national championship of Karate-Do
He is ready to seek international technical assistance, especially from Japan, to help train Cambodian players. (Edited by: Bopha)