Svay Rieng Province On the morning of February 14, 2020, Svay Rieng University In collaboration with Provincial Youth Federation Cambodia and Svay Rieng Provincial Hospitals organized a charity event on Valentine's Day The president says, "Give blood, love!" Participating in the program were Mr. Leak Virak, Vice Rector of Svay Rieng University, Monk Dean, Dean of the Faculty, Mr. Chan Dara, Head of Referral Hospital Provincial Lecturer, Provincial Referral Physician and Youth, Provincial Student, Svay Rieng University.

According to the President of the Provincial Hospital, the establishment of the charity today aimed at finding a sincere member. Charities join the charity event as well as share the love on February 14th and are also creating a mutual fund. Ready for emergency assistance when needed We are urging us to come to the table now and on behalf of the Director of the Provincial Department of Health is calling on all government departments. Continue to engage in humanitarian work by donating to social work and helping to bring new lives to other at-risk people. And we need to fight. By: Waiko