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Men tend to be attractive to women who look elegant and sexy, but when they choose a woman, they really are a sweetheart or mate. Men's life is always liked by simple and cute little girls. For the following five reasons:

Women with big breasts
Many men prefer women with larger breasts than women with thinner shapes. Men will not regard your waistline as several centimeters, as long as the most attractive is the chest. Note, obese women are to your advantage.

2. Good feeling women
Most men have the same view that women are round, kind and loving.

3. Healthy skin
The slightly obese women have good skin because they eat a variety of nutritious foods. As such, their skin is smooth and desirable.

When you hug her, you'll be warm and happy
There is nothing more heartwarming than getting a strong woman. It's funny, but that's true when in the mood for an obese girlfriend you will enjoy.

5. High fertility rates
One of the reasons men are interested in these women is natural biology and fitness. Women with larger hips and breasts are thought to be able to produce healthy children. In addition, studies show that women with buttocks and thighs are more fertile than slim women. .

This is because the fat in the buttocks and thighs contain omega-3 fatty acids that help the baby's brain grow Well in the mother's womb. (Extracted from the Health website)