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Withdraw the foot, a ritual in the Chinese-Vietnamese tradition, that precedes the Lunar New Year In the year 2020, the foot of the foot massacre will be held on Saturday, January 18. The parade takes place between 5 and 7 days before Chinese and Vietnamese New Year.

Homeowners get the chance to clear out Angel Square, buy or renovate, spruce up the perfume in Myanmar, and adore a curator like you Miscellaneous in the house, removing old incense, cleaning cans to prepare for New Year's Eve.

Before removing the foot of the brush for cleaning, we can say thank you and thank you very much for the week before Chinese New Year. Each year, by offering fruit offerings, desserts, cakes or candies, at least sugar and tea Not so.

Then prepare the ashes or sand, place the pots or pans, spray the perfume and keep the 5-foot incense on the altar. God and the angels share three veins in the Ancestors. After that, they don't need to light incense or change anything until the New Year.

Traditionally, the Chinese and Vietnamese believe that each pot or bowl has a keeper, such as Myanmar, the ancestors, the ancestors. House and angel. Removal of the toe must wait one year before removing it but before removing it It is best to practice the rituals if you dare to violate this tradition, fearing a tyranny or a plague. But this belief is rarely explained by anyone who knows how to do it.

As a whole, it was a thanksgiving and a visit to Myanmar, the ancestors and the angels who kept us prosperous. Go back to paradise and remove the incense foot from the can to wash the incense, ready to renew, More. San Sarin