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According to preliminary reports, a well-known motorbike man has been involved in a scam. A clean man steals a young man for stealing a motorbike C125 Free 2020 and as he steps out of the pagoda, he is found dead. The defense called and interrogated and arrested the incident only Posted at 8:40 pm on February 5, 2020 at Wat Bo High Temple in Vihear High Village, Suong Municipality Ministry.

Colonel Chhorn Sothy, Inspector of the Municipal Police, said that the above suspect was Sok Phi called Sok Pea or 45-year-old Nurara. Currently not true, there is a hometown in Thmey village, Thmey commune, Koh Nhek district, Mondul Kiri province, and the exhibit is like a motorcycle Honda. The free Black C125 2020 belongs to the victims along with the device Lock brake. Motorcycle. The owner of the motorcycle, Som Ros, a 44-year-old man living in Vihear High village, Suong commune, Suong town, Tbong Khmum province, was born to his son, Eminem. Take a ride.

The stolen motorbike was taken by the victim's son from the home, he said. Play at Wat Vihear High on the night of February 5 during the Solidarity Festival. And before the incident, the victim's son had sent the motorcycle to the scene to get it properly sent and locked The return mail is located in the Kota Tone.

The source said the suspect then told the victim's son not to lock his neck because he had difficulty walking. The victim's son, meanwhile, thought the mailman had returned to unlock the motorcycle and walk away Play in the grounds of the monastery is gone. Seeing the opportunity, the suspect came in and took out his motorcycle locker and then knocked on the saddle to get his motorcycle ticket. And he went away.

When they arrived at the point of the pagoda committee, which was standing guard, many doubted and called Inquiries and checks suddenly saw the lock of the lock kiosk arrested. He was then taken to the Souang Municipal Police Inspectorate for questioning and confessed that he was Only recently did the activities in the city.

Inspector of Police, Ministry of Police confirmed that according to the police investigation, he was the active face of the motorcycle. This includes activities in Kampong Cham, Mondulkiri and other provinces. And a few years ago, he used Facebook to post a picture of a lesbian at the time Living in Phnom Penh for a short time.

Even so, it is shared and the authorities know that people posting on this social network are offensive. Motorcycle lock key. And when sent to the police, the police asked the man to pretend he was sick. Even the body of the photographer is a bit difficult.

Inspector Seng confirmed that the motorcycle had been returned to the victim while the suspect had been prepared to file a case The Tbong Khmum Provincial Court is acting in accordance with the law. (Edited by: Bopha)