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More than 30 Cambodian films premiered in Thai theaters before and after 1975, especially in Bangkok. Those films that Thailand has exemplified in their film development are much better than ours. Compared to today. According to the conclusions of the "Sorority", a group of older film and music researchers.

"The Sun God" described that of the more than 30 films, the classic story was adapted from Thailand. And as well as being famous in Southeast Asia, we are especially returning to our local hand.

As for the effects of today's Thai and Khmer cinema, the audience is sure to know which one is influential Which. Show the famous Cambodian movie titles before and after 1975 as follows:

Neak Neang Neang
2- bread
3. The Elephant King
4 – Champa Thong
5. Snake bats
6 – Coloring Devi
7- 10,000
8. She has fragrant hair
9- Snails

10-nama lens
11. Pediatrics
12-Thida Theatrical Tip
Father's blood debt
14 – Bopha Angkor
15. The bride enters the shade
16. Ratanak Dynasty
17. Success
18- Princess of the White Empire

19- Giving gold
20 years old Leone 16
21. Thida's Hair
22. Thavary Gold
23. Tip of the Sun
25. Sovannahong
Sovann Tran On
27 – Crocodile Nene

28. Father's bones
29. Yellow cat
30 – Pov Chhouk
31 – Well, come on
32- the equinox
33. Buddhism Neang Kereng
34- O lady, you are a virgin
35 – the black calf

What are some of the things that our Cambodian audience has seen in Thai movies? The Thai movie that the audience watched was like us. (Edited by: Bopha)