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Delicious restaurant not to lose to big restaurants, a pub on the street 2002, the brand "Little Girl Neang Pov". Almost every day just open the door and the guests are always cheering, with one customer complaining that the meat is delicious. Especially strong mouth is roast pork rice.

Not afraid to steal the recipe today, the owner of this popular restaurant opened his heart to share a delicious pork dish recipe. Delicious to all friends so that it is not difficult to eat directly at the restaurant and make yourself at home.

Let's go! Come and watch a video showing how to cook a roast pig by following the recipe of a popular breakfast chef Chilli soup, flavored pork, brown sugar, fish sauce, sesame oil and condensed milk, pepper, ginger juice mixed with red garlic (boil only water) ) The following:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzvPqmKE5t0 (/ embed)

Co-edited (Editing by: Bopha)