Prey Veng: Samdech Krom Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Ministry of InteriorIt is said that dissemination of information, not on the status of Kov 9, is not an infringement of the law, is a crime. Contribution needs to be socialized.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of Prey Veng province's 2019 Annual Work Conference this morning, Prince Kheng said the government Respect the constitutional rights of citizens, but ask citizens to clearly divide Tactical Expression and Misrepresentation. He added that the misinformation was regarded as offensive by the prime minister. Collective and social benefits that need action.

Kratom has instructed the Unity Committee of all levels to continue to prevent all forms of social mobilization and the attempt to create a color revolution Eliminate misinformation that threatens social security. Regarding the dissemination of information, not social unrest, the prince claimed not to be useful or legitimate. But it does affect the rights of others to cause social unrest, as the case of COVID19, which requires arrests, arrests and enforcement of laws. There are penalties.

Kratom has instructed to pay attention to educate and inform in time for the people to respond to the bombing of the media. Specific activities and activities that cause social violence and strive to mobilize people to join the Protection of the Law Public Benefits: Community benefits Avoid participation Social impact and public order benefit, and authorities must avoid violence. The moment when there is a protest by the people.

“He can comment, but let's not forget that our comments are good or not,” he said. Good for society. If done, it should be confusing, not to claim the right to use it. That's freedom, it's not right to criticize the government that the government didn't Keep an eye on one or two of these is OK, but spreading false information is another matter More.

"The epidemic of C OVID19 is affecting the health of the people and the economy," he said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior expressed their appreciation Excellencies of all levels and civil servants of the Provincial Armed Forces, who have come together to fulfill the achievement of all achievements Join in to keep the peace Political stability, security, public order, democratic liberalization, economic development, social development, livelihoods of the people. The state is better.

The prince also appreciated the successful blocking of the plan to revolutionize, overthrow the government and destroy democracy. The Liberal Democratic Party from a small insurgency on November 9, 2019, stabilizing all sectors, ensuring economic growth. To reduce poverty and make concessions The public administration reform program has been implemented and the people are safe and secure. Opportunities for economic growth.

Before the end of the visit, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior HE Hor Khem Seng Kheng called on the provincial and civil servants to increase Health care adherence to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in order to prevent the relapse COVID19 disease was diagnosed However, it is hoped that after this conference the Prey Veng provincial administration will reach further achievements. According to the direction set in 2012, this is by: Kolab