Phnom Penh: On the morning of March 11, 2020, the Club of Cambodian Journalists (ACD) Conducted a discussion under the theme "Press: Face of COV ID-19 and Misleading Information" in this discussion Invited by Mr. Phos Sovann, Delegation of the Royal Government of the Ministry of Information Secretary and spokesperson of the Ministry of Health

Pen Bona, president of the Club of Cambodian Journalists, said the discussion was crucial for journalists to get the truth out to the public. He is also involved in the battle against COVID-19 and the fight against clandestine information.

Mr. Kea Kea, Secretary General of the Club of Cambodian Journalists said that because of this technology, who You can also be a journalist, but fake news can be confusing in a matter of hours Only.

He shared the experience of 9 reasons: First, consider the source of the information Who's who is a Facebook activist or from a professional organization. Secondly, don't read the title, read the entire article. Thirdly, look for a professional author or writer. Fourthly, it is best to look at the source of the writer. Fifth, whether the information is accurate or not. Sixth, examine writing as a way of making art, or as a product. Seventh, write your own story, or have something real. Eighth, the article contains citations from the authors to the story they wrote That? For example, if the case of C ovid-19 is absolutely required, contact the Cambodian Ministry of Health or Institut Pasteur 9 That stirs up fear or information to be overly cautious.

Ok Vandin, secretary of state and health ministry spokeswoman, said that Kovi-19 disease was affecting the public. And a number of individuals are happening, not just in Cambodia. Currently, the article also mentions the World Health Organization, and there are articles from the Fight Center Infectious diseases classified as TB or false information are 142 times more likely to be true than once. This means that if one piece of information is false, the number is 141 times more likely to cause social unrest and pollution. False information is so fast that people are more afraid of facts than facts. There are two forms of misinformation – stalking and erosion – and if people spend about two hours a day getting it The person has a mental disorder within the next two weeks, so ask people not to look up for misleading information. The fact that the government has provided the information Information.

On the occasion, the undersecretary of state said that in connection with the dissemination of the information on the Covid-19 virus, she asked journalists Information from the Ministry of Health or the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia must be disseminated. Specify the source of the Covid-19 virus.

On the occasion, Mr.Phum Sovann, the Government Delegate in charge of Information and Broadcasting, said that the The Ministry of Information is keeping track of any false or misleading information in order to extract this fake information. Refer to the Ministry of Interior's Anti-Crime Technology Department for information No Facebook accounts that posted the news really hurt Security and our society as a whole. The Ministry of Information has called on journalists to join the fight against the media in order to convince the republic not to. Fearful of false information, the Ministry of Information worked with Jiang Feng himself in editing. By contrast, some journalists are now reporting on the news, which is difficult to prevent. Do something that is professional because in some pockets or counties, social media is not. On the other hand, if a strong source is used, the broadcast will be corrected by: intellectual property