Social media such as Facebook and Messenger At present, it is so widely used by some users that you probably know the web These two societies, especially the Messenger social network, have had some disruptions in the days. Last.

The Department of Anti-Crime Technology has announced the use of social media sites such as Facebook and Messenger. It's very broad at the moment, so some of you may be aware that social media as a whole On the other hand, especially the social media messenger messenger system has some difficulties Recent days, such as: Incoming text messages or programs are automatically closed For example. To fix this problem you just have to clear the program and reinstall the program But some are unaware of the problem .

The frustration with both programs is that Facebook is upgrading the software. These are:

– Facebo ok: 3D imaging no longer requires the use of portraits, with the company using technology. Artificial Intelligent (AI) to exploit the foreground and background of an image to create images 3D image back.

– Messenger: to make the application faster and easier to use In addition, the company cancels the discovery function, but only if you want to use the function Others, such as Bots and Games, you can use: Search Back to By: Columbus