Battambang: There are several Facebook account holders in these daysLama Phone Shop posted a video clip and captioned that in Battambang, the truck sprayed the pesticide on the road. High. Facebook account holders like this, after Cambodia had a disease of 19, infected nearly 100 people And as the Thai government shut down the country in an emergency, many Cambodians, students and businessmen left Thailand. Crossing back to your homeland, though Cambodian authorities and the Thai authorities have closed their borders.

In connection with the above Facebook account, the Police Commissioner of Battambang Province on March 26, 2020 Notify and Deny the Rapid Response Team of the Battambang Provincial Police Commission is honored to inform the public, especially Facebook users Know that in Fr. Today, a Facebook account owner, Lama Phone Shop, posted a video clip and wrote: In Battambang, a truck with a high-quality disinfectant on the road).
The video clip, which contains the audio and audio content above, has caused confusion in some areas, especially the social network users. Facebook, and leads the way to not insult or ridicule the authorities or local authorities with vulgar words.

In fact, one of the cars pictured in this video is a fire truck from Battambang Provincial Police. At the Monivong High School in Battambang on the afternoon of March 23, 2020, he was sprayed with water Clear some roads Also in the City (not spray).

The Rapid Reaction Team of the Police Office of Battambang Province completely rejects the content written and spoken by the above Facebook account owner with This asks the owner of the Facebook account to immediately stop posting false information which could lead to confusion Confused from some mediums and have a neck Ko Ko is not an offensive comment to the competent authorities.
Please all the public, especially Facebook users, be aware and be part of the fraternity.