Phnom Penh: 4 people died in the fire in the accidentA fire broke out at the explosion of a gas tank selling air, hydrogen and other recyclables at 36 Street 63, Sangkat Phsar Thmey III, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, on the afternoon of July 18, 2020.

During the operation, there were many fire trucks, vehicles of Unit 711, Brigade 70, vehicles of Phnom Penh Police and other units participated in the shooting. Water to put out the fire.

The owner of the place is Prak Lamhong, a 74-year-old man who runs a gas station. Cause fire. As of 6:30 p.m., the team found four bodies, including three males and one female, and were injured. Five people were taken to hospital. Four victims died: 1. Name: Lam Seng Hav, male, 26 years old, occupation: Student.

2-Name: Lam Kim Lang, Female, 8 years old, Occupation: Student. 3-Name is Mao Sinath, Male, 21 years old, Occupation: Gas filling worker. 4-Name: Mon Makara, Male, 19 years old, Occupation: Gas filling worker. As for the injuries of 5 people, the names are as follows: 1-Name: Ly Soeung, Female, Age: 49, Occupation: Gas Transmitter (Severe Injury). 2-Name: Lang Seng Tay, Male, 19 years old, Occupation: Student (severe injury). 3-Name: Prak Lang Hong, Gender: Male, Age: 74, Occupation: Gas station (minor injury). 4-Name: Lam Kim Chou, Female, 13 years old, Occupation: Student (Mild injury). 5-Name: Prak Sengkea, Male, 32 years old, Occupation: Gas station (minor injury).

The operation used 20 fire trucks, using 60 trucks, equivalent to 120 cubic meters.
Fire trucks from other units, such as 04 vehicles of the Ministry of Interior, use 10 trucks of water equal to 60 cubic meters. 03 military police vehicles use 05 water trucks, equivalent to 30 cubic meters. 03 vehicles of the 70th Brigade, 03 vehicles use water, equal to 10 cubic meters. Six OCIC Chroy Changva vehicles used 15 trucks, equivalent to 150 cubic meters of water.
Three OCIC Koh Pich cars used 08 trucks, equivalent to 80 cubic meters of water.
One car of Cambodia Brewery Company consumes 5 cars of water equal to 35 cubic meters. 02 cars of Olympia Shopping Mall use water. 06 cars, wet with 64 cubic meters.By: Kolap