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Phnom Penh: Lately, it has been observed that a beautiful white-skinned girl, nicknamed the "Princess Krama", has silk Anita posted sexy photos in bikini until it became a public eye and a favorite.

Along with fans cheering on the beautiful bikini at the beach, the photo she had of Sonita Photo posted with a bikini on Song Song showing off her sexy and sexy legs To some people, it was unacceptable to criticize her for wearing such a suit at sea, but it was wrong Not acceptable when uploading them to social media. Apart from the sexy photos that originally caused her to be critical of her, even the content she posted shows The view is that sexy dress is not the root of rape because sometimes victims do not dress Sexist has also been raped.

One critic wrote, "So it is not about going out to sea or sleeping naked at home That's it in your social media, you naked and no you do not posted publicly as people look It doesn't fit. Don't know from any teacher who smiles, laughs and laughs, but his heart is broken.

Another social network player wrote, "Look at the writing! Think of it as appropriate and try to protect it! Looking at the perception that this person just came out of the jungle, doesn't know what the thief was thinking … Yes, it has the right to steal the layout! It's not their right to rob, but because it wants to steal, it's generally not a good person It's about rape, so what good person is going to rape them? That would be the case, and she wants everyone to be thinking about it unless she goes to tell The thief says not to steal.

Be aware that your portrayal of porn is not only violated, but it is partly responsible Having a sexual desire that may be harmful to another person, which is why rape is so common now. ”

Despite the criticism on social media, the 30-year-old actress, who has a peculiar voice, doesn't seem to respond. Not to mention the words of some critics who disapprove of her, but Sonia still shows Its sphere of fun and fun are now there.

Of course, as you age, more and more Sonny doesn't care about her solitude and Spread more beauty and do your own thing.