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What goals do you want to achieve this year? Your goal is not a problem but a battle, says Sabina Nawaz, one of the executive coaches. The science you use to accomplish this is important.

Here are some simple tips that she tells her clients to help them achieve their dreams Others consider this impossible:

Ms. Navas works with successful individuals who are highly ambitious, intelligent and often very hard-working. However, their dream is never so small that sometimes people just can't achieve it. Still, she still inspires people to have big dreams and goals in life.

Then think twice smaller:
In the next phase, she tells her clients to think about the small steps they must take to reach those goals. She suggested that those steps should be so small that you may find it useless Read a book every day.

Record your daily tasks:
To keep track of her work, she tells clients to record the small tasks that they have to accomplish each day Retrieve it when it is done. It is useful because it lets people know what they do each day.

4-fold increase:
Obviously, you can accomplish those small things quickly every day, which makes you want to make things worse . She suggests that if you want to add work, you should increase it by 10%. The reason is that if you add it too quickly, you may be backward.