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Three Harvard researchers say the United States should test at least 500,000 people The day before can open the economy and open safely.

Currently about 150,000 tests a day are successful and found that about 20% of tests are positive. More tests are needed to properly understand who is infected, the researchers said. And may put others at risk.

The percentage of tests that came back positive in the United States was high, the researchers said. The World Health Organization says positive test rates should be between 3% and 12%, while the US rate is around 20. %.

Research has shown that to get a positive test rate of 10% by May 1, tests must be done Kov 19 takes about 580,000 people a day.

The researchers included Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard School of Global Health, Dr. Thomas Tsai, a surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital. In Boston and a researcher at Harvard TH Lastly, the Chan School of Public Health is the finalist, Benjamin Jacobson, research assistant at Harvard Health Institute

Jha wrote in an email to CNN that their formal writing of the research would be available in time. Very soon.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump told reporters that the United States has tested positive for the virus More than 3.78 million people are expected by Friday. Excerpt from the website: cnn (Edited by: Bopha)