Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Government to waive $ 50,000 health insurance requirement and $ 3,000 deposit for foreign travelers Investors and professionals who have come to work in Cambodia. At the same time, the government will also pay for the five-day Lunar New Year holiday later this month or early next month.

Ministry of Economy and Finance spokesman Meas Sok Sensan told the Post yesterday that Minister of Economy and Finance Aun Porn Moniroth had told the Post yesterday. Will lead a meeting of the National Committee for the Prevention of Tuberculosis 19, following the advice of Prime Minister Hun Sen to review the granting of holiday New Year's Day and exemptions for foreign travelers, investors and visitors to Cambodia. “On July 10, HE Deputy Prime Minister will lead the meeting and I will also attend the meeting. "All the work we look at, and where we can loosen it up, we will loosen it."

According to a leak on social media, Hun Sen instructed Aun Porn Moniroth on July 5 to lead a National Committee for Combat Committee meeting. And Ivory Coast 19 to examine the possibility of offering a five-day paid holiday while Cambodia is in control of the epidemic. Cote d'Ivoire 19

“At this point, the Ministry of Education also allows me to take a private school exam and a teacher and exam The amount is also the time for us to pay back to our fellow citizens, workers, staff and civil servants we did not give last year. This, which I think is probably the end of the 7th or the beginning of August. "

Mr. Hun Sen also recommended a meeting with Minister of Health Aun Porn Moniroth and Minister of Health Mam Bunheng to ease measures to require health insurance. $ 50,000 and $ 3,000 deposit for foreign travelers, investors and road or bridge experts in Cambodia.

“The point is, I see a high level of risk for our domestic economy as it hurts investors and People working in Cambodia. Investors will not be able to come back to our country, nor will they ever leave our country, and if it does, they will leave. Techniques that work here (Cambodia) cannot visit, and neither does the employer And we have a lot of foreign contracts, like Japan, China, roads and bridges. ”

Hun Sen also said easing the measures would attract new investors and retain old ones. Both foreign travelers were found infected with the Kovir 19 virus while they were still paying for the treatment.

The Post could not be reached for comment yesterday by Health Minister Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health Ok Vandin and spokesman Phay Siphan. No word on the government, with all of you not calling.

On 16 June, the Royal Government of Cambodia also decided not to require foreign travelers, diplomats and employees, to have a deposit and allowance for Health insurance is at least $ 50,000 and diplomats will also receive free treatment in case of infection. Cote d'Ivoire 19

On July 3, Ministry of Health Secretary of State Yok Sambath confirmed that the ministry received a deposit of $ 9 million from ethnic travelers. Some 3,000 foreign nationals arrived in Cambodia from June 15 to 30, but the remainder came from payments Hotel fees, testing fees and travel costs etc. are returned after they complete the 14-day validation.