Phnom Penh: The 1st Cambodia Golf Forum was held on February 10 2020 at the Ministry of Environment with a variety of exhibitions for kelp participants. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the General Secretariat of the National Council for Sustainable Development and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris Tourist activities were also organized in collaboration with the Kulen Sok An Mountain Kulen Mountain Research and Conservation Center. Currently, 160 officials of the Ministry of Environment have been researching and conserving 160 species of orchids (orchids), while the species of kelpiros in Cambodia are estimated. There are more than 500 species.

Eang Sophalleth, secretary of state for the Ministry of Commerce, said the forum was an opportunity for us to explore and experience mutual work on government work. Plant Genetic, as well as the environment and natural resources, are one step closer to the Kingdom of Cambodia. And the Republic of Bahamas, in addition to the framework of cooperation Closer ties between the two countries in many fields.

In 2018, the Royal Government decided to set up the Kol Sok An Kulen Mountain Research and Conservation Center for the purpose of promoting research. Education Preserves golf education, promotes the value of agri-tourism and attracts tourists for leisure, as well as to ensure management. In the Protected Area To be effective as well as promoting the local community's livelihoods.

Mr. Eang Sophalleth said the center would provide many benefits: keeping and rehabilitating local wild kelp, collecting live kelp specimens And inventory
A place for future academics to provide direct access to knowledge and scientific information on the forest products for future generations. People & Nations A New National Tourism Destination Enhances Your Livelihoods for Local Communities Gain Knowledge and Experience National and international businesses mobilize resources And technically correct syllable for syllable resources.

“We intend to turn the center into a new, more vibrant tourism product,” said Eang Sophalleth. On the rich cultural heritage tourism in Siem Reap province's Angkor resort. It will also contribute to reducing the dependency of local communities living around this area from logging and logging. Extraction of Biodiversity Resources to Organize Tourism and Produce Tourism Products When the Center Needs Developed fully and completely in line with the master plan. In addition, it will strengthen the role and responsibility of local communities in contributing to the promotion of protection. Sustainable natural resource management, poverty reduction of local people Professionalism and Promote Sustainable Living by Diversifying Socio-economic Activities Each local community. ”

To promote the development and operation of the Kol Sok An Kulen Mountain Research and Administration Center in this new phase on behalf of the Ministry Environment Minister Eang Sophalleth asked relevant institutions, especially the Department of Biodiversity, to continue to master the planning and management of the museum. Natural History Full and speed up the development of the Kol Kol Sokhon Kulen Mountain Research and Conservation Center continue to set up a natural library and should mobilize Collaborate with all stakeholders and stakeholders in the operationalization of the Research Center and the Government Sok An Kulen Mountain to ensure efficiency and sustainability The center is very important. By: Flamingo