Phnom Penh: This is an unexpected incident where a pair of male and female thieves While the woman had a svelte-shaped tunnel dressed as a tourist, she stole a purse from inside the gas station. One of the most daring places. Fortunately, the owner was able to catch up and grab the bag.

According to Thong Kimseng's Facebook account, he posted: "On 26.07.2020 at 14:30, there was a case of a thief stealing a bag. Money at my place, 3 thieves, riding 2 motorcycles, a black Honda Dream 2020 with license plate Phnom Penh 1IH-5742, riding together Two men, one man, one woman, one woman was the one who took the bag, and the other was a Honda Beat driven by a man with the same features. In the picture (as a butt cover) If you see or meet somewhere, please help provide information to the authorities, but if you meet at If you are quiet, please help me play the old hand. Confirm this case, the thief did not decide.

However, what makes many people very sad and upset is that the owner of the bag tried to fight the thief. Both females have fallen, but one person at the scene could not do anything, the thief let the thieves run Freed again, they did not help at all, which led them to say that if the story is useless, they will become famous again. By: Lim Hong