Phnom Penh: A woman caused a surprise to journalistsThe woman was found lying on the ground after a heated argument. Together with a woman who is an ex-wife and is upset because Heng Soy's husband occasionally cheats on his body and does not show up to take responsibility for This love triangle story.

The above incident happened at 8:30 pm on July 20, 2020 along Street 528 in Boeung Kak 1 Sangkat. Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.

The woman told reporters that Heng Soy's husband, Raksmey, a 38-year-old construction foreman, had married her illegally. Lying that he did not have a wife and children and lived together for almost a year. But after being fed up, Heng Soy's husband suddenly let go of her hand.

The woman continued that she was not tired, as she was more than 2 months pregnant, so she came to see him on the night of the incident. Heng Soy's husband suddenly met his ex-wife at the construction site and started arguing, leading to violence. Injured both sides.

After the violence, she was kicked out of the construction site and because of the pain, the woman did not go home, still trying. Trying to scream and roll on the ground in the street caused a surprise.

But the thing that overwhelms and makes everyone sympathize is that this woman is really stubborn and does not listen to the explanations of the journalists. No, on the contrary, they are more inclined to bow down to the ground and threaten to continue to torment themselves, which is called Sichuan, or to get angry while seeing people swarming. That much.

However, in the end, the woman, who is known to be a worker at a massage parlor who took her husband, did not recognize himself as responsible, was used by the authorities Hot measures forced to push into a tricycle to take home. By: Lim Hong