Phnom Penh: Tourism Minister Thong Khon yesterday afternoon February, 2020 at the Ministry of Ministry of Tourism led a special meeting to review the action plan to support tourism in the crisis phase. New Coronavirus (CoVid-19), with the participation of tourism industry leaders and officials and all industry leaders.

The meeting agreed to launch an action plan with short and long term measures focusing on four strategic goals along with 76 activities. .

The Minister has set four strategic goals: 1, to improve the image of Cambodia's tourism destination as a safety net, 2 to promote tourism in the country. District 3 Boosts Outreach and Connectivity from the four target tourism markets to foster the competitiveness of the industry Colors.

At the same time, in response to the first activity of the first strategic goal, the meeting adopted six recommendations for education, prevention and prevention measures. The virus will be applied to tourism businesses, including: Guidelines on the new Coronary Vaccine Control Program (2019) (CoVid-19) For curry no The airline and the Agency for Tourism. Guidelines on the New Vaccine Coronavirus Vaccine (STVid-19) Vaccine Prevention Measures 2019 for Restaurants and Tourism Restaurants Colors. Guidelines on the New Vaccine Coronavirus Vaccine (STVid-19) Vaccine (201) for Vaccine Guide Guides ) And Tour Leaders. Guidelines on New Vaccine Coronavirus Vaccine (201V) Vaccine Prevention Measures 2019 (CoVid-19) for Taxi Driver and Tuk Tuk. Guidance on the New Vaccine Vireakrina Vaccine 201 (CoVid-19) for Massage and Spa-Massage Managers Introducing New Vaccine Coronavirus Vaccine 201 (CoVid-19) for Hotel Management and Tourism Services Pandora.

Through this guidance, the Ministry of Tourism will cooperate with the Ministry of Health to organize one training of local fishermen. Each report.
In particular, the Ministry of Tourism will organize a number of crisis management teams, several task forces led by the Secretary of State or Under Secretary and a number of specialists and a working group. Manage the crisis in the capital-provinces.
As scheduled, the Ministry of Tourism plans to submit this action plan to the Economic and Financial Policy Committee for review and submission to the Royal Government. The decision was made to support Cambodia's tourism industry in the context of the new Corona virus (CoVid-19) in a timely manner. Post-Crisis Efficiency By: intellectual OK