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Kandal province: A video clip has been shared on Facebook, with a truck half a block wide across the tracks but not on. He was also hit by a train that ran over 100 meters in the back, but no one was hurt. The incident occurred on the afternoon of June 19, 2020 in Trapeang Thnout village, Mok commune, Angsnuol district, Kandal province.


According to the video, the front of the car was stopped to allow a train to pass after a colored Ford Ranger. The Phnom Penh 2AC-2252 did not stop, trying to get past the train, but not It was decided that the train was fully open to the rear.

After more than 100 meters of towing, the car crashed to the other side of the tracks, with full rear damage, but luckily Of course, the car did not hurt anyone.

The incident provided an additional experience for drivers who had to cross all the stops to stop Going forward because the train could not brake the brake suddenly.